BEEM seeks to reshape the world of light bulbs through innovative
combinations of pure form and latest LED Technology.

Historically lightbulb design has not been a fast-moving field. The same shapes have dominated the market for decades – largely of necessity, as filament technology has restricted the possibilities for formal variation. Today, however, advances in flexible-filament LED bulbs are enabling designers to pursue radical new directions and develop previously impossible forms – and BEEM is the world’s first brands to indulge this tech-enabled creativity.

Co-created by award-winning product and industrial designer Samuel Wilkinson, BEEM’s first collection is a new family of LED lamps unlike anything else on the market – graphic, playful and strikingly contemporary.

BEEM is a collaboration between Samuel Wilkinson and LED-lighting specialists Chris Stimson and Bujar Shkodra, founders of well-lit, which they set up in order to break the stranglehold of big companies that were flooding the market with poor-quality, overpriced LED bulbs. With a shared desire to revolutionise lightbulb design, the trio first came together in 2016. Now, two years later, their revolution is well underway.

All made by hand from the highest-quality components available today, BEEM lamps are manufactured to maximise sustainability and engineered for longevity. Once installed, expect them to continue lighting up the room for Years to come.