Soft launch in Milan – 2018

“A light becomes a sculpture in the air so why would you want to look at the lump of the bulb holder? Why not hide it with the bulb or make it a key element in the design’s visual balance?”

A new family of LED lamps designed by award-winning product and industrial designer Samuel Wilkinson does just that. SMILE and CURLI are the debut products of BEEM, a new lighting brand established by Wilkinson alongside Chris Stimson and Bujar Shkodra, entrepreneurs and founders of well-lit.

Initial two designs – SMILE and CURLI – both soft-launch at Ventura Future at Future Dome, Via Paisiello, 6.

While SMILE is a U-shaped curve that hangs gracefully in the air, CURLI is a continuous asymmetric coil that twists around the bulb holder handing it from view.

Eco-conscious and with an incredible 15-year lifespan, BEEM looks set to be another game-changer for the lighting industry – something Samuel (the designer behind the Plumen) knows plenty about.

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